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The Science Behind the Silence
A closer look at the exclusive Quiet Ride technology that reduces noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) up to 50 percent on a Sea Ray.

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Understanding Quiet Ride

Quiet Ride is a system of technological advances exclusively available on Sea Ray boats that reduces Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) by up to 50%. Conversations are easier, fatigue is reduced, concentration is enhanced. The natural world feels more natural, more intimate, and you experience the wonder that drew you to boating in the first place. Here's how we did it.

Excess NVH affects: Tiredness, Stamina, Concentration, The volume you play your stereo, How long your guests visit, Raised voice/Throat irritation, Overall happiness on the water.

The Problem:

Maximum performance requires sacrificing the comfort of the ride, because an engine at full throttle generates significant sound and vibration energy.

The Method: Engineers measured 48 points on Sea Ray sport boats at idle and full cruising speed to isolate the sources of decibels, vibration energy and harshness. In-depth vibration analysis showed how to dampen and interrupt vibration flow at the source.

Interpreting the Data: Performance and a comfortable ride aren't mutually exclusive if you can reduce vibration energy at the source. To accomplish this, engineers started from the literal drawing board, redesigning new Sea Rays with integrated Quiet Ride technology.

Sea Ray engineers used a decibel meter to measure decibel levels at multiple isolated points on a Sea Ray. This specially designed instrument calculates precise decibel levels for an accurate sound reading.

The Solution:

Exclusive to Sea Ray SLX models, Quiet Ride uses a multi-pronged approach to dampen NVH at its root sources.

Energy-Dissipating Hull Laminate: Sea Ray's specially engineered hull laminates convert vibration and noise energy into heat energy, which water whisks away.

Full-Beam Bulkheads: Full-beam bulkheads and full-stop blocks in the boat's cavities trap and isolate energy, preventing sound from traveling and surfacing elsewhere on the boat.

Bonded Structure and Buffered Hull:
A well-buffered hull offers acoustical insulation, while structurally bonded hulls, liners and decks reduce vibration.

Tuned TransomĀ®: Borrowing vibration-abating technology from space shuttles and jet engines, the Tuned Transom from Omni Products short-circuits energy at the source to dampen excessive noise.

Fit and Finish: Closed-cell foam knocks down NVH. Neoprene isolators and mounting brackets reduce vibration. Heavy-duty magnets, latches, bumpers and gaskets ensure silence from hatches. Wind-struck edges are fared to let the wind slip by silently.

The reduction in NVH is as much as 50% when comparing Quiet Ride Average NVH and Baseline Boat Average NVH.

The Results

Initial tests saw a 50 percent reduction in NVH. Measuring decibel levels under the same conditions and at same points in a standard boat and a Quiet Ride-equipped model, engineers found a nearly 7-decibel drop in noise. With a corresponding drop in vibration and harshness, the comfort gains were remarkable.

Decibel Comparison at full cruising speed:

Baseline Boat Average: 86.2
Roughly as loud as a lawn mower from 15 meters away

Quiet Ride Average: 79.4*
Roughly as loud as inside a normal passenger car at 65 mph

*A 6 decibel decrease means half the amplitude
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Dig deeper into the science behind the silence of Quiet Ride's amazing NVH-cancelling technology in the Quiet Ride brochure.

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