Wakeboarding: 101


Published on August 3, 2020


Wakeboarding is an amazing sport for the entire family and each sport boat in the SeaRay line offers a great pull. On a warm summer day, gliding across the water is a sensational experience and here are some tips from Hyperlite's Greg Nelson to make your ride a success.  





Let’s start with the equipment you’ll need including a wakeboard with bindings, a tow rope and most importantly your life jacket.


Water safety is a major focus for Hyperlite, we offer comfortable neoprene life jackets for men, women and children, all approved by the US Coast Guard. Your wakeboard should be sized appropriately, I recommend a 135cm board for persons under 150 lbs., a 140cm for those up to 180 lbs. and 145cm for longer for those 180 lbs. and larger.


Wakeboard bindings should be supportive, but mostly comfortable for new riders, easy to get into and easy to get out of. All Hyperlite bindings packaged with wakeboards include laces or Velcro for a wide opening, they can be cinched down for the needed support and can be shared with similar shoe sizes. For example, the Hyperlite Formula and Session bindings are offered in a size range like 7 to 10. Any wakeboard tow rope will work, but for beginners I would set the total length at 70’ or 75’, keeping your rider within a comfortable range of your Sea Ray.


The trick to getting up is allowing the boat to do the work, don’t push your legs too hard or fight to get up. When proper technique is used the Get Up will be effortless. Floating in your life jacket with the board horizontal to the boat is proper position with both palms facing down on the handle.

As the rope tightens and begins to pull you through the water, allow your knees to bend which will pull you into a ball and in that motion begin to stand up. If water is going over the top of the board you’re fighting too hard to stand up and pressure is on your heels. Try to allow your knees to bend and push slightly on your toes so the angle of the board will pop you up on top of the water. If you are left foot forward pull the handle to your left hip once you’re riding atop the water and vice versa for right foot forward or “Goofy” stance. The board will then turn sideways to run in parallel with the boat and wake. Keep your knees bent slightly with equal weight on each foot and experience that gliding sensation on the water.Boat drivers - a smooth acceleration is all that is required, please accelerate in a controlled fashion.


Controlling the board while in motion requires gentle leaning or pressure on your toes and heels, we call this carving and it should be your first goal in wakeboarding. Learning to carve back and forth from toes to heels is the foundation to bettering your skills on the wakeboard. 


Hyperlite Wakeboards with Bindings




For more helpful tips, YouTube is a great resource and two of our Hyperlite Athletes post “How To’s” and trick tips regularly. Search JB O’Neill and Shaun Murray or “How to get up on a Wakeboard”. 

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