Happy Earth Day, Boaters!

Published on April 22, 2021


As a boater, there are many ways you can help protect our planet and conserve our waterways. Here are a few quick tips.


1. Be Cautious When You Fuel: When filling up your fuel tank, be careful of any spillage or leaks. If you do notice a leak report it to the National Reporting Center hotline 1-800-424-8802.


2. Slow Down & Save: Just like driving, cruising at a slower speed can help conserve fuel and save you money! You may also want to consider a regular engine tune up to ensure your motor is running efficiently. Contact your local dealer for help.


3. Avoid Plastic & Clean Up: One of the easiest ways to be a conscious boater is to avoid packing any unnecessary plastic that could pollute the waterways such as water bottles or utensils. Instead, opt for reusable water bottles and paper products, and remember to properly dispose of trash after an outing.


4. Protect Against Invasive Species: According to the National Wildlife Federation, 42% of threatened or endangered species are at risk due to invasive species. To keep invasive species out of your local waterway, remember to drain your engine and stern entirely of water on dry land and let your boat air dry for a few days before entering another body of water. Also, wipe the underside clean of mud or plants that may have gotten attached while boating. 


5. Investigate Your Waterway: Before cruising, learn the rules of the local waterways. Know where it's safe to anchor, and be careful when driving through shallow waters to avoid disturbing local species that live beneath.

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