Pro Tips with Captain Sandy Yawn

Published on June 22nd 2021

In honor of National Boating Safety Week, Sea Ray teamed up with Captain Sandy Yawn, world-renowned megayacht captain and star of Bravo’s hit series Below Deck Mediterranean, to discuss the boating basics captains need to keep in mind whether driving a 19 foot runabout or a 150 foot megayacht. Watch our video to learn more or read her tips and interview with us below.


Q: Do you have any tips on how to plan your boat outing predeparture?

A: No one ever plans to fail, it’s because they failed to plan. It’s important to have a predeparture and arrival plan. Make sure you have a DPA, a designated person ashore, that knows the time of departure and the time of arrival.  


Q: How do you communicate safety measures to your guests before hitting the water? Any tips on how our boaters can make it part of their predeparture routine?

A: Learn your vessel. Train. Know where your life vests are and show your guests where they are. And do a little safety meeting because it makes it more fun. I always make safety fun. When my charter guests arrive they always have to participate in the safety drill and the fire drill. And when you do that, they feel more confident in your ability to take them to sea. 


Q: What can boaters do to be better communicators in case of an emergency out on the water?

A: Radios are important. Communication is essential. You want to make sure that you know what channel to call for help on and which channel to communicate on to your friends on other vessels. 


Q: Many boaters have no docking confidence. Do you have any advice?

A: When it comes to docking your vessel, just like a car, we practice parallel parking before we actually get our drivers license. We practice that three-point turn. When you go into your dock, practice. It’s your boat and you have your dock. Go on and off the dock in both directions, stern-to and bow-in. So when your guests arrive, you are actually a pro at docking your boat. 


Q: Any other thoughts or advice for our boaters?

A: Let’s encourage sober skippers, because it’s important. The team needs to rally behind the person that is the designated person in charge. Teamwork makes the dream work! 


Watch “Professional Tips with Captain Sandy Yawn", above, to get more insights and expert advice.

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