Published on August 31, 2021


Simrad expert Captain Matt Holloway, Sr. Account Manager with Navico, answered some of the recent questions Sea Ray has received via Instagram regarding Simrad technology.


Read through Matt’s answer below and be sure to work with your local dealer or Simrad Customer Support at 800-628-4487 for further assistance.



Q: “Hello I’ve got a Sea Ray 270 2000 with twin 4.3 efi on it. I would like to connect a double screen Simrad.”


A: Dual Simrad units are often installed on different Sea Ray models.  You should consider the size of the dashboard and how much room you have for two Simrad units.  Considering your Sea Ray 270 is a model year 2000; it is likely you will need to update the sonar transducer to work with the Simrad units as well. Both Simrad units will need 12 volt power. Both units will require network connectivity with ethernet and NMEA 2000 communication. 

Once networked, each Simrad unit can share its chart data, waypoints, routes, sonar and more.  If you are installing a sonar transducer or a radar or other devices, these will also be connected to the dual Simrad units.  If you need assistance click this link to find a Dealer/Certified Simrad Installer in your area.



Q: “I am having problems to activate my Sirius weather receiver using my Go 12”


A: If you have Sirius Weather on your Sea Ray with a Simrad GO12 that means you must have the WM3 Sirius weather kit. Unfortunately, the new Sirius Weather WM4 kit is not compatible with the Simrad GO12 units.  Only the WM3 Sirius Weather is compatible with the Simrad GO12 unit.  Please contact Simrad Tech Support at 800-628-4487 and ask for assistance activating your Sirius Weather Receiver. 


You can also try this:

  • Go to HOME page / Select SETTINGS in upper left corner / Using the touch screen left hand menu – scroll down to NETWORK / Select SIRIUS in the middle of page
  • If SIRIUS is NOT SHOWN as an option, the Simrad unit is not seeing the Sirius weather module – you should check all connections and 12v power to the Sirius module. 
  • If SIRIUS option is shown, select it and confirm that you have good communication between the module and the Simrad unit. 
  • The Sirius module ESN number will be shown on this page.  Sirius will list their toll-free number to contact them from this page. 


Q: “If my Simrad needs to be repaired, who do I work with? Dealer or Simrad directly?”


A: You dealer is most often your best choice for help regarding any technical problems with your Simrad.  Your dealer can work with the Sea Ray factory as well as Simrad tech support to ensure any issue you may be having is resolved.  However, you may certainly try our consumer support line at 800-628-4487. 

Helpful hints when you call our tech line:

  • Provide a detailed explanation of the issue
  • Provide the Serial # and Software Release of the Simrad unit in question

- To find this go to HOME page/ Select SETTINGS in upper left corner / Select ABOUT at bottom of middle part of page / SERIAL # and Software is noted in the upper left corner

  • Provide make, model and year of vessel
  • Provide your name and contact information for follow up from Simrad Tech



Q: “My chart seems to be lacking in navigational data?” 


A: If you have a Simrad GO unit; you will have either a CMAP INSIGHT PRO or a CMAP DISCOVER chart card inserted into the unit.  If you have an NSO evo3 unit; your chart is imbedded into the unit and it is called CMAP US ENHANCED.  All these charts are packed with tons of data, especially navigational data.  


If no data or very little data can be seen on the chart, it may be that your chart settings have changed. 

Try this:

  • Go to CHART page / Select the MENU in the upper left corner / Select MORE OPTIONS at bottom of menu / Select CHART SOURCE

- For a Simrad GO unit: Once you have selected CHART SOURCE ensure that the chart card (either CMAP INSIGHT PRO a CMAP DISCOVER) is selected. 

- If have a Simrad NSO evo3s unit ensure that the chart is selected to CMAP US ENHANCED.

  • Once you select these charts, you will find your charts are now fully loaded with all aids to navigation, tides and currents, depth and contours and many other data needed.
  •  Special Note: If Navionics is selected as your CHART SOURCE you will not have any chart data unless a Navionics chart card is inserted into the Simrad unit (GO or NSO evo3s).  The Navionics stays as a CHART SOURCE option even if a Navionics chart card is not inserted so be careful to avoid this mistake. 



Q: “The sonar page depth read out is often not working – it comes and goes…is there a setting I should be looking at?


A: Your sonar transducer installed in your Sea Ray boat is transmitting depth and water temp information to your Simrad unit.  Your Simrad unit displays this information on your ECHO (sonar) page.  


If your depth is coming and going it is likely the wrong sonar frequency is set on your sonar page.

Try this:

  • Go to ECHO page / Select SETTINGS in the upper right corner / Select FREQUENCY – second option in menu / Ensure frequency is selected to 200 khz
  • If the sonar frequency was set to 50 khz, this is likely the reason the unit depth reading is coming and going.  50 khz is meant for DEEP WATER. 
  • If you have been running your Sea Ray in water less than 100 feet on average and your sonar frequency is set to 50 khz, it will lose bottom from time to time.  Properly set at 200 khz, you will hold bottom at speed.  This is the most common mistake make when it comes to sonar while running the boat.


Please contact Simrad Tech Support at 800-628-4487 if you continue to have any further issues with your sonar.

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