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Not all Monday morning stories are equal

How was your weekend? You get that question nearly every Monday, but how often are you excited by your answer? How often do you launch into a story of water, sun and laughter that causes envy or makes you pinch yourself? How often do you wish Monday was Friday all over again? Enter the signature of the Sea Ray brand, Sundancers, and start an escape that will forever alter your weekend landscape.


Streamlined Hull

Never ask, “Are we there yet?”

Comfort is the key to fully enjoying a long weekend, an extra night, that last hour on the water. Every Sea Ray cruiser is designed to exemplify ultimate drivability with a distinctive profile that doesn’t just enhance looks, it enhances ride. Extruded strakes grab the water for greater stability, while the molded hull shape is designed to maximize water contact for better maneuverability. Spend as much time as you like underway, with Sea Ray’s renowned ride, you won’t tire of it.



Home sweet home

Sundancers are the hallmark of achievement and signature of a Sea Ray brand. Why? Every inch of a Sea Ray cruiser is attended to with expertly appointed textures, finishes and details that transform a beautiful boat into a second home. Solid-surfaced countertops, stainless-steel trim, fully finished head compartments and multi-tone upholstery shine below with a gleam that invites you to stay.

Dynamic Running Surface

Next Wave

Plane smooth ride

Dynamic Running Surface™

Imagine if you could control your boat's attitude and wake the way modern cameras control exposure–fully automatic for general use or single-button for sports or backlighting. The Sundancer Series characterizes Sea Ray's position at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology, featuring optional Dynamic Running Surface, which automatically optimizes running attitude and trim and delivers incredible stability and performance no matter load or sea conditions. With the push of a button, skiers and wakeboarders can define presets to shape the perfect wake height. Large, triangular planes create an articulated running surface that improves acceleration, reduces bow rise and keeps the boat at optimal trim.
Watch DRS in action

Next Wave

Next Wave

The future of boating

Next Wave is an aggressive commitment to enacting major innovation across all Sea Ray platforms. The goal is nothing short of reimagining the boating experience. By developing and championing new technologies such as Quiet Ride™ and Dynamic Running Surface™, Sea Ray is asserting itself as the dominant global presence and a company of forward thinkers.


Comfort Redefined

Make yourself at home

Sea Ray offers interior color options with multi-tone accents, expertly appointed and plush sleeping arrangements, and impressive standing-room height on its cruisers. These finishes, textures and design considerations provide more than a finishing touch. That headroom is more than merely a convenience. These decisions represent the brand's approach to ensuring owner satisfaction: Sea Ray's craftsmen select every detail of the cruiser lineup, raising the standard for comfort down below.

Boat interior

Thoughtful Amenities

Thoughtful throughout

With the Sea Ray cruiser lineup, you will take to the water decked out with every convenience of home. Sundancers are much more than their muscle. The head compartment is finished with a fully functional, stainless steel-accented faucet and sink. The solid-surface wet bar countertop rounds the cockpit into an inviting social zone. And with options like an onboard grill and refrigerator and expertly appointed sleeping cabins, the water will no longer be just your "second" home.

Thoughtful Amenities
Thoughtful Amenities


Unrivalled breadth and depth

Room to stand, lounge and move about as you do in your own living room—now that’s the difference between a day boat and Sea Ray’s adventure-seeking cruisers. You’ll board knowing your day can lead anywhere, because these cabins accommodate day and night, like the open water.



Sunbrella Marine

Keep It Under Cover

Sunbrella is the most trusted name on the water in marine fabrics. And for good reason: boaters have confidence that its legendary fade- and water-resistant fabrics will keep their boats and families safe from the elements. With a wide array of Sunbrella solutions for your Sea Ray Sport Cruiser, you’ll feel very comfortable being shaded and protected in high style.


Count on Sea Ray’s 3-Year Factory Warranty

One of the primary benefits of a new boat purchase is the freedom to relax, to put aside worry and focus on savoring the well-lived life on the water. Accordingly, Sea Ray is proud to offer a stellar 3-year factory warranty*. This program, Sea Ray SENTIN3L, provides 3 years of enhanced coverage on every new sport cruiser in the Sea Ray lineup. The end result? Exceptional peace of mind.

All 2019 Sea Ray sport cruisers feature Sea Ray’s 3-year, bow-to-stern factory warranty on the boat and its components from defects in materials and workmanship. Additionally, gas engines are covered by a 5-year warranty**, while diesel engines receive the coverage defined by their manufacturer. Finally, beyond the 3-year bow-to-stern coverage, all sport cruisers also have a Limited Structural Hull / Deck Warranty to Original Owner.

*Applies only to new 2015 - 2019 Sea Ray sport cruisers built in the USA or Mexico. See your Sea Ray dealer and the Sea Ray Express Limited Warranty for complete details.

**Applies to 2016 model year and newer Sea Ray sport cruisers built in the USA or Mexico and sold in the USA or Canada. Limitations do apply. Contact engine manufacturer and Brunswick Product Protection Corporation for coverage details.

SURPASS Warranty


Digital Throttle Control

Digital Throttle

Pinpoint precision

Mercury’s SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) system delivers effortless command of your engines, with inset switches that put control at your fingertips, literally. Enjoy smoother shifting, easier docking, more immediate throttle response and cutting-edge information displays. Performance is more predictable and responsive than ever before.

Digital Dash

High-tech delivers high performance

Sea Ray's fully integrated helm display, the Digital Dash, provides seamless vessel data, audio control and navigation capabilities. Available in tandem with cutting-edge Simrad® displays and Fusion® stereo units, Digital Dash integrates with smartphones & mobile devices and features custom Sea Ray propulsion graphics and a touchscreen interface. Hands-on just got high-tech.

Axius Propulsion

Axius Propulsion

The joy of driving

The Axius® joystick propulsion system puts control of the in the palm of your hand. Tight fairways and docks are a breeze, with easy straffing in any direction, spinning in place, and available Skyhook for effortless station-keeping. So simple a child can do it. Simple for adults, too.

Witness total control



Chart your own course

Through an enduring partnership with Mercury® & Simrad®, Sea Ray owners enjoy the most powerful, easy-to-use navigation systems available for the highest level of command and confidence. Simrad electronics offer intuitive operation with crystal-clear visibility and lifelike detail. Multifunction displays, including the acclaimed GO9 (9”) & GO12 (12”), integrate Mercury VesselView Link Data, GPS, charts, HD Digital radar and fishfinder systems and more, delivering a welcome abundance of knowledge and know-how.

Power To Cruise


Perfect combination of power

The perfectly shaped hull, the richly appointed cabins, the gleaming grill and expansive swim deck—accouterments are nothing without Sea Ray’s reputation for power to chase the horizon. Choose the power option that best suits your needs. Either way, your appetite for speed will be sated. We know, because the expertise it takes to complement a boat’s build with an efficient and robust engine is something of an art, an art Sea Ray engineers have mastered to create that breathless sensation of easy handling.


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