Sea Ray Owners’ Favorite Resources

Published on June 20, 2022


For those looking for new ways to enjoy their boats or who are looking to tap into the collective knowledge of others, there is a wealth of online knowledge available to Sea Ray owners.

Find owner resources on 

A great place to get started is to go to the Sea Ray website’s owner resources hub  where you can find:


  • The Sea Ray Life blog – A collection of articles that give tips about maintenance, places to visit, how to host parties, how to anchor your boat and much more.


  • Technical resources – A host of Sea Ray informational downloads like owner manuals and spec sheets.  

  • Contact info for Sea Ray and our authorized dealers 

  • Warranties

  • How to transfer your warranty

  • Where to buy Sea Ray apparel and gear 

Join the Sea Ray Owners Club

One of the best places people can go to find information about their favorite boat brand is the Sea Ray Owners Club. To sign up, have your hull identification number (HIN) handy, which can be found on a plate usually located on the rear corner of your boat just below the rubrail. After signing in, watch the short welcome video that highlights some of the features of the website. 

One of the many benefits of the club is the ability to introduce yourself to other local Sea Ray owners. While those who are new to boating might be intimidated by the experience level of the many experts who are members, they will be surprised by their willingness to help new owners. Everyone on the site was a new owner once and remembers what it was like.

Spend some time setting up a profile and include your preferences, which will help shape the website to your needs. Go to the My Boat page and enter the pertinent info about your boat and links will appear for things like owners’ manuals, prop charts and other technical info. The Sea Ray Resources tab has numerous links to things like owner's manuals for the various components on your boat. Or check out the original brochure for your boat, even if it was built in 1962!

Download the Sea Ray+ owners app

Available for your smart devices on Google Play or the iPhone Store, the Sea Ray+ app has a wealth of information for boaters.

  • The checklist page has 10 templates for setting up a customized checklist for a variety of activities like the start of the trip, end of the trip, fishing, overnighting or for tasks like winterization. 

  • A Record a Trip option that lets you keep a record of exactly where you went, how long you were out and your average speed that you can keep or share online.

  • The FAQ section has 12 categories like Cleaning & Care or Engine Maintenance that have detailed info on the best ways to care for your Sea Ray along with tips on how to use it to its fullest.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out your dealer’s home page. Many Sea Ray dealerships like MarineMax have a wide variety of local information such as upcoming group trips like its Getaways and Dayaways. 


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Options and features mentioned subject to change. Please confirm availability of all accessories and equipment with an authorized Sea Ray dealer.

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