2024 SLX 260 Surf driving

How to Drive A Sea Ray Wakesurf Boat: A Beginner Guide by Sea Ray Boats

Published on February 29, 2024


Are you ready to take your friends and family out wakesurfing on your Sea Ray? Discover how to set up and operate a Sea Ray wakesurf boat, like the SLX 260 Surf or SDX 270 Surf, for the ultimate surfing experience. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to get started and maximize your time on the water. 


Filling the Ballasts:

The first step in preparing the boat for wakesurfing is filling up the ballasts. Head over to the custom Sea Ray Watersports user interface and ensure all tanks are filled to 100%. While you can fine-tune the settings later, starting with full tanks sets a solid foundation for your surfing session. 


Activating Surf Mode:

Once the ballasts are filled, it's time to activate surf mode. This action brings up the speed control, wave height adjustment, and allows you to choose which side of the boat you want to surf on. For regular stance surfers, selecting "surf left" is the way to go. Set the speed (10.8 - 11.4 MPH in this case) and adjust the wave height to your preference. Reduce the wave height for skim board riders or beginners or increase the wave height for surfer-style riders via the screen interface. With the Mercury Marine Bravo Four S forward-facing drive, wave height is controlled by the trim of the outdrive, eliminating the need for a central tab and increasing the downforce on the stern of the boat.  


Adjusting the Ski Mirror:

A crucial aspect of wakesurfing is ensuring clear visibility of the rider behind the boat. Adjust the ski mirror accordingly, allowing the driver to keep an eye on the surfer throughout the session. 


Getting Ready to Surf:

With the ballasts filled, surf mode activated (engine must be in neutral to activate), and ski mirror adjusted, it's time to hit the water. Confirm with your spotter that everything is set, then take the slack out of the line. Once the surfer gives the green light, push the throttle to full forward, and let the boat do the rest. 


Launch Profiles:

The Sea Ray watersports user interface offers five different launch profiles, ranging from slow to aggressive starts. Opt for a moderate start, selecting profile three for a balanced launch experience. 


Making Adjustments:

As the surfer gets into position, the driver may need to make small adjustments to the speed and wave height to optimize the surfing conditions. Pay attention to the surfer's feedback and adjust accordingly for bigger or smaller waves. You will get a shorter steeper wave at slower speeds or a longer wave at higher speeds.  


Safety First:

If the surfer falls, return the boat to neutral, let the rollers pass, and idle back to the surfer at a safe speed. Avoid rushing back to the surfer, as excessive speed can create unnecessary wakes and potential hazards for both the surfer and other boaters.  


Mastering wakesurfing with the SLX 260 Surf or SDX 270 Surf is a thrilling experience that requires precision and attention to detail. By following this guide and utilizing the boat's user interface effectively, you can enjoy endless hours of surfing fun on the water. For more tips and tutorials, visit the Sea Ray YouTube channel and watch our full how-to video below. 


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